Our Approach

Candela designing on desktop computer

At Blackshaw, we aim to deliver elegant and functional designs that are customized for a comfortable modern day lifestyle. We create unique environments, featuring bespoke design elements that are tailored to your personal taste and needs. Our ethos “Design for Living” encompasses our user-centered design focus: we put our clients’ desired lifestyle at the forefront of each project and design spaces that facilitate the clients’ well-being.


We value personal connection and empathy, and we take the time to fully understand our client’s aesthetic preferences and functional needs. We are change-makers, who are accustomed to refurbishing, remodeling and modernizing old houses and turning them into warm homes. We often work with our own in-house construction team to manage the project from start to finish.


At Blackshaw, we use our expertise and vision to deliver the project to the highest standards, on time and to the budget; never compromising on what’s important: creating a space that resonates with the client and maximizes their desired lifestyle.


Sally Blackshaw

Founder, Director & Head Designer

Sally Blackshaw is the creative force behind Blackshaw, an interior design firm based in Marbella, Spain. Sally is a graduate of the London Institute, one of the UK’s most prestigious design schools, and has worked for a number of high profile designers from Fendi and Armani Casa to Rashid Din and Lumsden. Her relentless passion for design and extensive technical know-how is backed up by her many years of experience. Sally’s unique and constantly evolving style is shown through her ability to create inviting spaces, with elegant simple features and the use of luxurious soft fabrics and materials. Her desire is to deliver comfortable, personal and stylish spaces that are fully in-keeping with the client’s lifestyle. She puts the consistent growth of the business down to a simple ethos of taking time to understand the clients, as well as perfect execution of the project and attention to detail.


The Team



Office Manager & Personal Assistant

Andrea is Sally’s personal assistant, responsible for the day-to-day running of our busy office and interior design showroom. Andrea also works closely with the designers, assisting with quotes and helping with project management. It is Andrea’s job to provide an aftercare service, liaising with our international clients on a daily basis to find out if they require any help prior to and after their interior design and construction projects have been completed.



Technical Designer

Candela joined Blackshaw in 2012, and is our go-to technical expert. She is a qualified architect having studied architecture at a technical college in Spain. Candela liaises with clients and suppliers and trades on all the technical aspects of our projects. She is also involved in the creative process, and in charge of putting furnishing quotes together.



Interior Designer

Milda is the newest member to the Blackshaw team, who joined in 2020. Originally from Lithuania, she has a bachelor’s degree in architecture and a master’s degree in urban planning and design from the Vilnius Gediminas technical university. She is a talented project manager, who is skilled in spacial planning and furniture distribution, making sure all the spaces have the right flow, feel good to live in and have a positive subconscious effect on the client’s well-being.



Interior Designer

Mercedes joined the Blackshaw team in February 2022. Originally Spanish, she has a degree in architecture from ETSAG Granada, and is an expert in home staging and copywriting. She has a master’s degree in Bioclimatic Architecture from the University of Avila. Mercedes understands design as aesthetics and functionality as well as a wonderful transforming tool in people’s lives. Her main objective is to search for excellence in spaces to help people to live a better life aligned with its values.